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A concentration of talent

Shake a few hands in Iowa, and you’ll find someone who works in finance or insurance. Iowa is home to one of the highest concentration of finance and insurance professionals in the nation. The industry accounts for nearly 6.8 percent of the state’s workforce. 

Iowans are revered for their high-level of education and employer loyalty, and the industry is taking notice. The number of Iowans employed in finance and insurance has shot up in the last two decades as companies open new operations or relocate to the state.

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David Becker, CEO, Cottingham & Butler, on the Workforce at his Iowa Insurance Company


highest concentration of financial examiners of any state

BLS, 2016

highest concentration of loan officers of any state

BLS, 2015

highest concentration of actuaries of any state

BLS, 2017

Mean Annual Wages

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015

Iowa has programs to help businesses offset the cost of opening a new location

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